World Orienteering Championships
Events:       ||Sprint||Long Distance||Middle Distance||Relay||

How to follow the events

Videostream: From each final we will produce the videostream shown on the competitions big-screen, also for the web. The stream will be available in two bitrates, 250 kbps and 600 kbps. To watch this stream in a good way you need to have minimum DSL/cable access to the Internet. The stream will be in .asx-format and hence the Windows Media Player is a suitable player, you can download it here

Audiostream: For those of you that doesn't have enough speed in you connection to the Internet to watch the video, we will also produce a separate "audio only" stream at 56 kbps for which any modem Internet connection would be enough. The audiostream will also be in Windows Media format for which you will need the same player as for video streaming.

Results: Live results will be updated from the finish and the radio-controls at least once every minute.

GPS-tracking: Live tracking is provided by TracTrac. The tracking uses Java technology and requires that you have Version 5 of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. You can download it for free from TracTrac has published a tutorial for the tracking software, it can be found here.

Results,pictures etc: For the rest of our services it will be enough with any Internet connection and a not to old web-browser. Please enjoy!