World Orienteering Championships
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Long Distance - Sunday, July 30 & Wednesday, August 2

The Long distance qualification was held on Sunday , July 30 in Linå Vesterskov. There were no big surprises, all the favourites came through and qualified for the finals. China took their first final place on longdistance in the WOC ever when Mingyue Zhu qualified in the women class.

 Both Linå Vesterskov and Addit and Løndal Skov are described as quite hilly areas with partly a lot of countour details. It's a mixture of coniferous and deciduous woodland with just a few areas of open land and scattered trees. The runnability as well as the visibility are in general very good. The long distance finals are run over 11.7 (women) and 17.5 (men) kilometers with climbs of 595 respectively 880 meters and the courses are planned by Kent Lodberg and Flemming Jørgensen.

Final - Wednesday, August 2

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Qualification - Sunday, July 30

Startlists: Men, Women
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The live audio stream from the long distance qualification and final will approximately be available from, respectively, 08.45 and 13.45. From the finals there will also be live video stream.

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