World Orienteering Championships
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Relay - Saturday, August 5

The WOC 2006 last event is the relays being held on Saturday, August 5 in Himmelbjerget south of Silkeborg. The relays are run over 3 legs with the womens relay starting at 11.30 and the mens relay starting at 14.00. Each federation are allowed to enter one relay team in each class.
 Himmelbjerget is a hilly area with partly a lot of countour details. It's a mixture of coniferous and deciduous woodland with just a few areas of open land and scattered trees. The runnability as well as the visibility are in general very good. The climb on the courses are approximatly 6% which suggests it will be physicaly challenging races. Course planner for the relay events are Ivan Christensen.

Relay - Saturday, August 5

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The live video and audio streams from the relay will approximately be available from 11.15 on Saturday, August 5
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